PostHeaderIcon 2016-02 Shelter : The largest world wooden concert hall


Nanyo City Cultural Center in Yamagata prefecture is acknowledged as the largest wooden concert hall in the world by the Guinness world record.

The ha ll has floor space of 6,178.13 square meters with one hour fire proof wooden structure. It has 1 403 seats. It completed construction in last October and had several concerts since then.

Conditions of Guinness authorization are that the building is 100% wooden structure, seals are 1 403, music concerts be held more than four times a month and two witnesses of professional field. 

Engineering professor Funaki and engineering professor Sato are two witness in construction and acoustic fields.

The Guinness world record certificate was officially given on January 21 at the hall.

The applicant of the certificate, president Kimura of Shelter Co., Ltd. commented that it is great pride that such building was built by technique developed in Yamagata and became the number one in the world. It shows promising vision and proves that local business men can achieve great things if one has courage and fighting spirit.

This is the first fire proof wooden large hall so it had more than 8,200 visitors and observers while it was under construction.


More here : Link

and a PDF description here : Link


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